Tuesday, January 3, 2012

O Tiburon O Tiburon!

Long ago, Matt and I happened upon "the best kept secret in SF." That secret is the city of Tiburon. We go visit the little town of Tiburon every year around christmas time and it never fails to be an amazing adventure. This year Grammy Jill and Poppy Brian joined us for the Tiburon adventure and helped spoil us and miss Mo to no end. We always stay at the Lodge at Tiburon, where the food is amazing, The beds are 100% fluffy down goodness, happy hour lasts for hours-right through dinner time, and there is a jacuzzi hot tub in every room! Hallelujah.

Molly 2010

Molly 2011

Molly Enjoying the Jacuzzi

But you say, bah humbug, why go near SF and not get to visit the city? Well my friends, it gets better! Walk West (I think) towards the cute little boutique shops of Tiburon and voila! there is a little cafe where you can enjoy an amazing breakfast croissant-wich and Mocha before you jump on a 15min ferry ride to SF! It was a beautiful day and the Ferry ride was just gorgeous, stopping off at Angel Island, before docking at Pier 41. Molly seemed to enjoy her first boat ride...mostly because she had a giant lollipop in hand.

Mo Walking to the Ferry Boat

Check it Out Poppy!

Waiting to Board the Ferry

Our Gorgeous View of Angel Island and SF

Mmmm - Ferry Boat Rides are Yummy

From there we took Molly to the SF Aquarium where there is a glass tunnel that takes you underwater through fish, sharks and rays that are swimming all around you and above you. If you haven't experienced this, it is truly amazing and well worth a trip! Molly approved but was most excited about a seagull sitting outside a window of the aquarium. Hmm. You would think the underwater experience, or the glow in the dark jellyfish would be the most amazing....but no, the lone seaduck (molly calls all birds ducks) was splendid. After the seaduck/aquarium adventure our exciting day continued on to the Ferry Building where we tested the wares (mostly cheese wares) and enjoyed some Mexican food. Then with Peets coffees in hand we Ferry boated our way back to our hot tubs in Tiburon. All in all, my favorite day in 2011! See you next year Tiburon :)

Mo checking out the Tide Pool Rules

Molly and Daddy Petting Sharks

Can You Spot the Seaduck?

Silly Dolphin Daddy :)