Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Utter-ly Molly

Little mumbling Molly is finally starting to utter words that I am able to comprehend, which is amazing because we used to have stare downs as she grunt-screamed "unh-unh-unh" and occasionally pointed at things. What do you want? Why are you stomping your feet and screaming while pointing at the only expanse of wall with nothing on it. Would you like me to explain the absence of objects? How very philosophical of you Mo. Thank goodness little humans learn to speak. However, very first words weren't very helpful. Unless, I guess, you happened to be in a barnyard. It all started with the animal noises. Apparently being able to identify animals with "Moo", "Neee" (Neigh), "Hah Hah" (dog panting), "Meow", and "Qak" (quack)," is waaaay more important than being able to ask for life sustaining services such as water, food, and help getting unstuck from inside the bookcase cabinet. Speaking of the bookcase cabinets. We noticed it didn't take long after bringing the cabinets into the house (cabinets that are way easier to get into than out of) for Molly to figure out the word "Stuck!" Now we are getting somewhere. She is also able to say "wah-ter" (H2O), "oww!" (usually referring to crunchy things under bare feet), "side" (outside), favorite foods such as "pehr" (pear) "grp" (grape) "cheeeeese" (cheese) "ap-puhl" (apple) "curkur" (cracker) "wee wee" (kiwi) and of course "uh oh" to ask for her pacifier. And she can ask for a few of her favorite things. Most of her words are a little muffled but these are clear as a bell. Lets see if you notice a theme. "Elmo" "Abby" "Ernie" "Big Bird." Added to that list would also be "pie pad" (Ipad) when grammy is in town. When grammy is in town that is the only word we hear. "Pie pad?" "Pie Pad." "Pie Pad!!!" When not obsessed with pie pads Mo is obsessesed with body parts and will point to parts and name them "eahr" (ear) "noh" (nose) "elmo" (elbow-haha) "eye" "mouh" (mouth) "teeh" (teath) "her" (hair) and "Nee" (Knee). We have also started to notice that, when she is sleepy, she will pretend to pass out on all available pillows while whispering "night." Sweet girl. And, when in an extra special wonderful mood she will point to her heart and say "you!" very enthusiastically. Which is the moment our hearts nearly exploded because we realized she was saying "I love you." So amazing! However, I'm pretty sure I want the language skills to end here because on the flip side of the coin I think I'm starting to hear the beginnings of some serious sass. "No!!!"