Sunday, March 11, 2012

Molly's MacGyver Mullet

Why do people seem to almost always get the sex of your baby wrong? I remember walking through Michaels with Mary Holleman when her son Oliver was about a year old and a woman came up and congratulated Mary on her beautiful baby girl. I looked at Oliver and thought hmmm, he totally looks like a little boy to me, especially since he was wearing a blue onesie and blue striped pants. Well, wouldn't you guess we had a baby girl and everybody in Davis seems to think she is a boy.  A few months ago we were at the farmers market and a man came up and asked what our little guy's name was. I replied that HER name was Molly. And he loudly proclaimed, "Wally!!, what a handsome little fellah!" Argh. You might think we had her dressed in a gender neutral outfit right? Like jeans and a stripey shirt or something. Nope. She was dressed in her frilliest little pink outfit. Sigh. At least her hair was pretty short then. I thought that as her hair grew out she would look more like a little girl. Well, I was wrong. As her hair grows out she seems to look more and more like MacGyver. Sigh. And everywhere I go people seem to think Molly is such a cute little guy and they are convinced that I'm a weirdo who likes to put bows in little MacGyver's hair. Sigh. So, to cut the mullet or not to cut the mullet? A bunch of moms from Mo's school chopped their baby girls' mullets and I think they look pretty cute but I'm really scared of making Mo look more like a boy dressed in fancy girl clothes. And now for some MacGyver hijinx...

      Molly's MacGyver Mullet

  MoGyver! Elmo's in Trouble!

        All MoGyver needs - duct tape and Q-tips

                                                       A little earwax oughta do the trick!

                                                          MoGyver and her trusty wolf