Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super Mom!...Fail

Today, while battling a cold, I thought I would be an amazing mom and entertain Mo with my amazing Pinterest finds. Pinterest told me my toddler would love these rainy day activities and would look back on these wonderful mother/daughter bonding activities with joy and amazement at how fantastic her mother was. So instead of crashing on the couch to watch a Shaun the Sheep marathon we made toilet paper bird feeders. You take a toilet paper roll, right? And you smear peanut butter all over it and then roll it in bird seed. This is what I spent all my days' allotment of energy on. Anybody with a "real" job still want to complain? Soooo. We get all set up and Mo is looking at me with death eyes, mumbling "Shaun the Sheep, TV on?" Should have turned the darn TV on. But no. I get her all hyped up for our amazing feed the birds activity!

Looks fun, right?

So she dumps the bird seed into the peanut butter, shoves her hand in the mixture and proceeds to wipe the goop all over herself and the kitchen as I am trying to quickly get her to the sink. Fail. After scrubbing toddler, I finish making the now not so appealing bird feeders and we go outside to hang them up. "Birds!!, Birds?, Huh, no birds," Molly points out as I roll my eyes. We masterfully hang sustenance for our wild feathered friends. Even though we are probably just feeding the darn squirrels that like to pee on me from the branches overhead...sigh.

Finished Product - You're welcome Birds

Anyways, we turn to head back inside when... Mo trips and lands in a giant pile of dog poo from Bella's recent visit. And it was everywhere!!! It even managed to seep into the pockets of her shirt. Why do I try to do fun activities with my child?! Tilly took one look at my face and ran for it. Pinterest said nothing about scrubbing dog excrement off my child at the end of this activity. SO GROSS!!! It is freezing and I am scrubbing my toddler in the back yard with hose water. FAIL!




We then go inside to take a nice warm bath. Which is great, I think to myself, because that is where pinterest activity number two comes in. We never learn, do we? It was supposed to be sensory shaving cream play but because of the chemicals in shaving cream, I decided to use whipping cream. Sooo, I spray whipped cream all over the shower (that thank God, I just scrubbed) and called Mo in. She leaped into the tub and frantically began to lick the walls. It's a good thing I didn't use shaving cream!!! There was no stopping her, no chance to get a word in like "hey, that is for your hands, not your tongue!"All I could do was spray down the wall treat as quickly as possible. And then a memory started flashing in my wee little brain, of Matt spraying whipped cream from the can onto Mo's finger for her to enjoy. Super Fail! I hate you Pinterest. You are a jerk. What do people do with Toddlers all day? After school, a nap, lunch, reading books, an art project, princess castle play, music time, dance party, leave them to play on their own while you do something elsewhere, more books, and puzzles it is only 4pm. What do you do for 2 more hours, before you have an excuse to make dinner?! Besides Shaun the Sheep marathons of course ;) P.S. If you have not watched Shaun the Sheep, do it now. It is awesome.

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